I’ve missed having a blog. For a while I had one, then I had a LiveJournal, then I sort of dropped off the planet all-together.

While I missed writing, I’ve espescially missed talking about what I cook. You see, I’m one of those people who, when they cook, narrate a cooking show in my head.

Today, while I was slicing up some freshly roasted beets to put into a salad, I realized I really needed to start a cooking blog again.

The blog name is inspired by the collection of 1974 Weight Watchers recipes. The one for “Fluffy Mackerel Pudding” made me laugh. I feel like nothing I make can be that bad, right?

So what about me? Why am I here?  I’m not a restaurateur or a chef or anything like that. I’m not a food snob or really even that much of a foodie. I’m just a pretty decent cook who grew up with a mother that made things like salisbury steak, chicken chow mein and fried spam and ketchup.

If I had to pick one food to eat for the rest of my life, it would be cheese. Hands down, no contest.

I adore Anthony Bourdain for his ridiculous sarcasm and love of the nasty bits. (And yes the title of this post is a throw-back to his book

    A Cook’s Tour

. Which is not as good as

    Kitchen Confidential

. But I digress.) Harold Dieterle’s Perilla is one of my favorite restaurants. If you didn’t realize it, I’ve got a serious addiction to shows like Top Chef, Good Eats and Iron Chef. I have no strong objections to Rachael Ray but Emeril is high up on my annoy-o-meter.

I cook for myself, my husband and occasionally my dogs. At the middle school where I teach, I co-run the Good Eats Club, where we teach students to make kid-friendly recipes.