– Today I have been terrible with eating. I got called in to emergency sub for summer school, so I shoved 3/4 of a Dunkin’ Donuts bagel in my mouth on my way in. Afterwards I had a meeting with my principal and the only thing by school is a Dunkin’ Donuts, so I got one of those Turkey Sausage and Egg flatbreads. It got cold while we were meeting and the pseudo-egg is just not good cold.

– I love hazelnut gelato. My favorite place to get it is a local bakery, but they close at 7pm. I’d tried substituting Simply Enjoy Hazelnut Mocha gelato and it was just not as strongly flavored as I’d like it. I’d also tried getting some at other places but they were either out of hazelnut or didn’t have it at all. (Boo on you gelato stand at Epcot!) Today I finally got some from the bakery and I remember why I love it so. The flavor of hazelnut is so strong it’s like eating the yummy center of a Rocher.

– I just made a reservation to go to Perilla during Restaurant Week. I am really excited because I love Perilla. Their hangar steak has ruined me for all steak, for forever. I just noticed they do the hangar steak with poached eggs for brunch. Oh sweet nibblets. Poached eggs are one of my new-found loves.

Their chocolate peppermint sorbet is also one of the best and most delicious things I have ever tasted. Every time I eat sorbet, I am always disappointed that it is not that.