Had dinner at our local pub with L. and our friend Eric. This place has been open a few years now and is doing well, which is a big change since it changed hands a number of times and was never popular. I put it all down to their food being damn good. Tonight I had the hangar steak and while it was no Perilla hangar steak, I enjoyed it a lot.

Eric and I were talking about cooks vs. bakers. He is more of a baker, while I like to futz and experiment, which baking does not allow. Currently, he’s reading this cookbook called Ratio: The Simple Codes Behind the Craft of Everyday Cooking. The book is all about how the basis of cooking is combining things in the right parts. I am thinking about getting it because apparently they have good bread recipes in there. I honestly long to make bread. I remember making it in a cooking class in elementary school and loving it.

Speaking of cooking classes, I need to plan out what’s going to happen in my school’s Good Eats club this coming year. I feel like a lot of the time last year, we wound up planning what we were going to make the Thursday before the club happened. Anyone have any kid friendly recipes? We have a toaster oven and I’m thinking about getting a hot plate.

One project I want to work on in the very near future is pickling. Orangette and Gluten-Free Girl have some delicious sounding pickling recipes. Orangette’s is a bit more about pickling vegetables and onions whereas Gluten-Free Girl is all about pickled cucumbers. I could eat pickles by the bucket-full, so I am definitely going to try this out. The dill from the farmers’ market is lovely and they always have cucumbers on sale. Yum!

Also, let it be said that for all my fanciful lovings, I quite enjoy McDonald’s iced coffee.