On Thursday night, L. and I went to Perilla` for dinner. For those not familiar, Perilla is co-owned and run by Harold Diterle, who was a contestant on the first season of Top Chef. I’d been to Perilla a couple of times before and when I heard that they were doing a Restaurant Week special, I jumped at the chance.

L. and I went in with a plan of ordering from the Restaurant Week menu. They had quite a few exciting choices at $35 a piece. However, we ultimately decided to order off the regular menu because none of the entrees from the Restaurant Week menu grabbed our interest.

To start with, L. had the Crispy Calamari and Watercress Salad and I had the Crispy Lamb Belly. I was very surprised that the in the salad, both the calamari and the salad itself were crispy! Regardless it was delicious, light and very tart. My lamb belly was a delightful – very light layer of meat. When put together with the peaches, peas and caramel for a full bite, it was a combination of incredible savory-sweet deliciousness.

For main course, L. had my favorite – the hangar steak over sunchokes. I had the duck breasts with yams and pluots. They recommended both meats to be cooked medium rare and I was a little nervous about having my duck medium rare. The duck was totally delicious – the meat totally melted in your mouth and you really didn’t notice that the meat was on the rare side. The duck worked so well with the sauces, the sweetness really pulling out the flavor of the meat. L.’s hangar steak was delicious. I had slight plate envy, as that really is my favorite dish. The meat is so juicy and slightly charred on the outside. It gets combined with the salty sunchokes and sweet sauce. It’s seriously ruined steak for me at any other place.

We enjoyed a side dish of farro risotto. It was unexpectedly cheesy and delicious. The farro help up on its own, remaining firm and very toothsome. There were bites of artichoke that set off the risotto nicely.

For dessert I had the smores. I was totally craving chocolate and that hit the spot. The plate was comprised of a scoop of dark chocolate sorbet and a smore made up of chocolate mouse, marshmallow fudge and a graham cracker. The sorbet was delicious – very rich and light. The smore itself was also very chocolaty and light, but a touch boring. L. had the vanilla scented donuts, which were filled with key-lime custard. The donuts were totally delicious. They were very light and sweet and the custard was delightfully tart.

Overall the night was totally divine. After dinner, we walked from West 4th Street all the way up to 34th Street. (That’s 30 blocks for you non-New Yorkers.) We were totally delighted to discover that Lush has opened a store at Herald Square. L. and I stocked up on soaps and they really make me happy to get up and get ready in the morning.
Perilla is running their $35 per person special for the rest of the summer. You should totally check it out if you get a chance.