The subtitle entry should be “Or, why I love pie.”

One thing L. seriously loves is Key Lime Pie. It’s one of those things that whenever he it on the menu, he’ll order it.

Recently, we’ve been looking at joining the Red Hook CSA. They’re a group that has turned an abandoned lot in Brooklyn into a farm. I can’t think of a better way to support community agriculture than becoming a locavore!

I was super-excited to hear that there is a quite famous Key Lime Pie place right there in Red Hook. Steve’s Authentic Key Lime Pies prides themselves on using 100% real butter in their crust and fresh squeezed key lime juice in their pies. They also do a slice of key lime pie dipped in chocolate called a swingle. Yum!

Now, while all that sounds delicious, I’m totally intrigued by how Steve’s Authentic uses Twitter. They give a general gist of when they’ll be open on their website, but they post no hours. As a small business, they’re not always able to get to the phone when someone calls to see if they’re open. So they have a Twitter which they update with when they’ll be open.

To me, using Twitter for that is such a genius idea. Not only are they following up on the Twitter trend, but they are also adding a personal touch to their business. It gives a down-homey kind of touch to the company and it really builds brand loyalty. Beyond that, it really makes the customer feel like they’re part of the whole business experience.

I’m looking forward to getting some key lime pie from Steve’s Authentic when I go to Red Hook on Satuday!