Yesterday I had lunch with the person I’ll be co-teaching with this year. Per his suggestion, we met up at Chat N’ Chew in Union Square.

Having perused Chat N’ Chew’s menu, I was very excited for their Thanksgiving On a Roll sandwich. It is described as “fresh roast breast of turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, and mayo on ciabatta bread.” Seriously , it embodies one of my favorite holidays and is a combo of some of my favorite (savory/sweet) tastes.

I am sad to report the Thanksgiving on a Roll sandwich is a little disappointing. The sandwich definitely contains all the delish ingredients, but that sandwich was gigantic. It was totally impossible to pick it up and eat it as a sandwich. Each half of the sandwich was easily as big as my hand and stuffed to the gils with turkey, gravy, etc. Ultimately, I had to take off the top part of the bread and eat it knife and fork style. It was delicious, but the joy of eating it as a sandwich was definitely missing.

We weren’t going to get desert, but the waitress totally tempted us with four magic words. “Red Velvet Cake Milkshake.” I deeply adore red velvet cake and who doesn’t love ice cream. It has long been one of my dreams to enjoy red velvet cake and ice cream together. By adding a chunk of red velvet cake to a milkshake, Chat N’ Chew helped me realize that dream. My co-teacher and I split one of the delicious shakes. It was wonderful and exactly what you’d expect – a milkshake peppered with yummy bites of cake. Divine! Oh! And pink! I guess the colors in the cake blend into the milk? It was so very good.

The meeting itself went splendidly. Lots of laughs, similar feelings about personal space and many plans set in motion. I am very excited for this coming school year.

Sidebar: I’m also very excited about the prospect of making a red velvet cake with beets in it. Oh yum!