Last night L. and I had dinner with my parents. In an effort to contribute to the meal, I put together some baked vegetable egg rolls. I’m trying to get better at using up the leftovers in the fridge, so these put to use some farmer’s market carrots and egg roll wrappers that we’d had left from previous recipes.

The egg roll filling smelled delicious while it was cooking. The recipe calls for powdered garlic and ginger, but I had fresh on hand so I subbed that in for both. I feel like that changed the overall flavor from just some vegetables cooked together, to something a little more complex. I baked the egg rolls and they came out a crispy, but not crunchy, which was just right. They’re also very light which is nice. They made a good appetizer for the meal without filling everyone up excessively.

The second super-star of the evening was chocolate pie. Chocolate tofu silk pie to be exact! At the supermarket I noticed they had Nasoya’s Silken Creations Dark Chocolate Tofu. My love for chocolate comes second only to my love for cheese, so I figured I wold give it a try. They had a recipe on the back for chocolate silk pie, so I figure I would give that a try.

The product wrapper describes the tofu as a “starter for smoothies and desserts” but I was surprised to see that it was very pudding-like in texture. The recipe I was using called for blending the tofu and some cornstarch, but I was able to do that easily with my whisk. I was also pleasantly surprised at how delicious it was as well – sort of like a Jello pudding snack. The pie comes together pretty easily, though it did over-fill my graham cracker crust, so next time I’ll put less in.

My goal was to fool to family into not realizing that the pie was tofu-based. My mom was the first to try some and loved it. The entire time she was eating the pie, she kept saying “This is so good! It’s delicious!” My dad said it tasted rich and was very filling. My brother was the most suspicious and deemed it “interesting.” He’s been wary of my baked goods ever since I gave him cake with applesauce substituted in for the oil. When we told them it was tofu, their reaction was just kind of “Oh, okay.” Not the “The coffee you’ve been drinking is really Taster’s Choice!” type moment I was hoping for. Oh well.