My goodness last week was a seriously busy week. I’ve been ramping up to going back to work. Thankfully, I’ve also been able to have a little time left to play -going to the beach and out to meals with friends.

In general, I feel like my menus coming up are going to reflect some of the time constraints work is going to put on me. What’s your favorite simple meal that makes good leftovers?

I have to say, I’m also welcoming the brief bit of cool weather we’re having. It makes me want to eat soup and bake cakes. Not that those two necessarily go together, but they are not things I generally do when it’s hot outside.


Monday: Meatless Monday! Braised Tofu with Veggies.

Tuesday: Buffalo Chicken Salad.

Wednesday: Baked Ziti.

Thursday: Out for an ELA meeting

Friday: Going to Perilla with friends!

Saturday: Spicy Ginger Chickpeas

Sunday: Beet and Bleu Cheese Burgers