I swear, one of my worst faults when it comes to eating is that I always wait too long to eat. I end up postponing and postponing until my hunger becomes that semi-feral, I could eat my own arm if I had to kind of things. Thus I found myself tonight at California Pizza Kitchen enjoying their buffalo chicken pizza, rather than at home, eating buffalo chicken salad.

It’s been hard to get back into the swing of things with eating and working. At home I eat when I want and I know if I need a snack, there’s one to be had. At work, I have a schedule and there’s no nipping out to the store to get something because there’s no real food close by. I need to get better at packing lunch and more so than that, I need to start making lists that include school necessities again.

Am I the only one alone in my feeding fault?

In other news, I’ve been trying out/abusing a new method of cooking recently. I’d never before braised anything until recently. I’m not going to lie – I heard the term on Top Chef and then googled it and discovered it involved searing a piece of meat then slow simmering it in a flavorsome liquid. The first recipe I found involved cooking lamb in red wine and instantly took me back to one of my favorite meals of all time: Blackberry Lamb. I had it at an Indian restaurant back when L. and I lived in Westchester. The flavors in the recipe seemed similar, but I kept looking until I found a recipe that hit all the flavor notes I remembered tasting in the dish. Braised Lamb Shank with Sherry Blackberry Sauce. It was Mike’s use of cardamom that really convinced me I had hit the right track, so I improvised the dish a little and turned out some should lamb chops in a Port Blackberry sauce. It was really delicious, but I’d be anxious to try it out with a true and proper lamb shank. I’ll have to hit it up the local butcher.


Having fallen in love with braising, I began to wonder if one could braise tofu. Apparently, you can! I made that for Meatless Monday last night and it was delicious, but I noticed the tofu was not incredibly flavorsome. I think that is due to two points – I cut the tofu into smaller blocks than the recipe specified and then seared all the edges so there wasn’t a way for the flavor to get into the tofu. Also, I didn’t have oyster sauce and went with fish sauce, but the broth was kind of week in flavor. Oh well.

For my next shot at braising, I’ve got my eyes on a chicken breast. Hmm. It could be good. Anybody else out there as in love with braising as I am?