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For a long time, I considered Ted Allen of Queer Eye for the Straight Guy to be my alter-ego. With a healthy-dose of sarcasm and food love, it was love from the first time I saw him on my TV.

Since QE is long since departed from my television, the only place I had a hope of catching Ted was in his occasional Top Chef appearance and on Chopped on the Food Network.

Today I was thrilled to discover that Ted has actually also been doing a show for Food Network called “Food Detectives.” The show itself is sort of a “Myth-Busters” meets “Good Eats.” On the show, they investigate questions and myths about food and food prep. It’s a healthy mix of all parts nerdy, foodie and techie.

This little snippet of videos really sums up where so much of my love for Ted Allen comes from:

I am incredibly excited to catch episodes of this. I’ve missed my alter-ego.



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