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Eventually I hope to find someplace in this house that is comfortable to sit. Presently, I am sitting on the living room floor because our two dogs thought that digging out dog-sized holes was the best thing to do to our sofa. It honestly gave us a chance to remodel the living room a bit, but man do I miss having a place to sit.

So, I’m thinking about making this food blog… not entirely a food blog. I’ve missed writing so much. Now that I’ve started doing it again, so many other things I want to say are cropping up. More on that front later.

Bhindi Masala

Last night I turned Orangette’s recipe for Chana Masala into one of my favorite Indian dishes – Bhindi Masala. Bhindi Masala is something we happened onto by total accident; saying “Oh let’s get some vegetables” on day when we were having Indian for dinner. Okra has long been a favorite veg of mine and L.’s and Bhindi Masala is actually the perfect blend of spice and tartness.

When I made chana masala last time, the sauce reminded me very much of bhindi masala, so I was determined to try out the dish. Looking up the recipe on the internet, most of the ingredients were the same, with the exception of amchoor powder, which is dried mango powder. With that in mind, I decided to prep the dish in the same way as I had the Chana Masala, but just adding in okra instead of chickpeas.

Overall, the dish was delicious. We served it with some whole-wheat Naan and topped it with queso blanco, which does taste just like paneer. However, the dish still lacked something. It didn’t seem as well bound together as the chana masala was. It tasted great, but it still needs work.

Going back to the recipe I found online, there seems to be more vegetables in general. The chana only uses one onion and their’s calls for two. Plus it calls for two whole tomatoes, rather than the ones from a can that the chana uses. I think what I need to do is find a blending between the two. Regardless, the dish and leftovers were delicious.

We enjoyed our bhindi masala with a glass of Urban Uco 2005 Tempranillo. Tempranillo has to be my favorite of all red wines and this one is delicious. It’s dry and crisp, which are by far my favorite things in a wine. It’s full-bodied, but still light and doesn’t hang around on the tongue forever. There’s an element of fruit taste, but it doesn’t mess with my wine. I think what I love most about it is it It really went well with the spice of the meal.



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